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Affordable Carbon Offsets

Buying Offsets: How it works!

1. Decide to do good for the planet. 2. Click on the Plan that fits best. 3. Buy carbon offsets from Perspective Carbon because we provide a lasting impact for the environment. 4. Feel good and tell your friends!!

Buying Carbon Offsets is easy. Here is a simple explanation.


It's easy, our packages help take the guess work out of it. On average a person creates 22-25 tonnes of carbon emissions living life (just select our Platinum plan). If you drive more or travel by plane, it could be more (offset vehicles or air travel with our other plans). 

You can create a family plan, individual plans or business related plans by clicking the link below or one of the tabs above. You can also make a one-time donation, if your not ready for a monthly commitment, by clicking the donate link above.

For any monthly package that you select you will receive a certificate (to display proudly and to let family and friends know you are doing your part) as well as a decal for your vehicle or mobile device. If you contribute $100 or more per month, you will also receive a Perspective Carbon T-shirt to let the world know you are serious about making a change.

With any package that you choose, we will plant trees in our forests. As our forests grow, we will give coordinates to each of them so people can visit, take pictures and see in person how they are making an impact. We have a map below with current forests as well as areas we are planning for future forests. We are also planning wells for drinking water around the world and are also shown on the map. If you want to contribute, click the water link at bottom of any page.

So, are you ready to make a difference? ... just click start now!



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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. 
Why it matters...

Each year, human activities release more CO2 into the atmosphere than natural processes can eliminate or convert to oxygen. To aid in CO2 reduction, through eco-friendly processes, we participate in reforestation projects that create and replace forests with the sole purpose of eliminating and converting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By doing so, we can offer other individuals and businesses carbon offsets. Carbon offsets or carbon credits are tradable certificates that individuals or businesses can purchase. Your purchase is an action that will increase the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air. This is an essential step toward becoming carbon neutral. It’s important to understand that CO2 disperses uniformly in the atmosphere, this means that the concentration is approximately the same all over the world. Your contributions whether at home or halfway around the world, are vital to the effort to slow down and reverse global warming. Reports about global warming can be misleading as it is much more than just rising average air and ocean temperatures. This global problem has a significant impact on societies around the world in many ways. 1) Hotter temperatures: As greenhouse gas concentrations rise, so does the global surface temperature. The result is most areas around the world will see more days over the 90-degree mark and rising average low and high temperatures. 2) More severe storms: Scientific and meteorological studies indicate that increased CO2 emissions have resulted in larger, stronger, and more frequent storms. 3) Increased drought: Increased surface temperature causes rapid evaporation which contributes significantly to drought conditions. In the last 25 years, drought conditions have become more frequent, lasted longer, and have been more severe with many areas around the world experiencing some of the driest conditions on record. 4) A warming, rising ocean: Melting ice sheets and glaciers increases sea level, expanding the oceans' reach. Increased salinity in freshwater supplies can be a problem for coastal aquifers and estuaries. Higher sea levels will result in eroded beaches, destroyed wetlands and marshes, and increased flooding. 5) Loss of species: It is estimated that without significant changes to the global carbon footprint, global warming will contribute to the extinction of ⅓ of the Earth’s plants and animals by the year 2050. 6) Increased food insecurity: This increase is a secondary effect of climate change’s impact on increasing temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, reduced water availability, and changes in extreme weather events. 7) More health risks: Extreme heat, and poor air quality cause increased complications from underlying heart and respiratory conditions like asthma. Exposure to extreme weather threatens life and health. 8) Poverty and displacement: Increased sea levels, reduced access to clean water, and changes in weather patterns leave impoverished people highly susceptible to displacement and worsening conditions.

What is your carbon footprint

What is your carbon footprint?

  • Many of our daily activities - such as using electricity, driving a car, or disposing of waste - cause greenhouse gas emissions. Together these emissions make up a household's carbon footprint.

  • The calculator estimates your footprint in three areas: home energy, transportation and waste. Everyone's carbon footprint is different depending on their location, habits, and personal choices. (

2020 US Carbon Dioxide Emmissions

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