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Carbon Offsets

Every year businesses emit millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere creating a global climate emergency. These emissions levels tend to increase yearly and if not balanced out, we could see massive negative impacts that may be irreversible. You can do your part in reducing this carbon impact by responsible techniques and reduction processes for your business. One smart and sustainable way to achieve this goal is by carbon offsetting. Offsetting alone is not going to create a carbon neutral footprint, but combined with other green-minded initiatives, your business can be on the path to a zero carbon future. 

We offer several carbon offset items that fit the need of most businesses. These products are the basic building blocks needed to provide a good combination of high- quality carbon offsets to transform your company into a climate focused machine. Our carbon offsets are created through reforestation projects in areas of low cost and high impact. By doing this we not only grow sustainable forests, but we also stimulate local economies that are in desperate need. This in return creates a positive social impact leading to modernization and medical advancement in these impoverished areas of the world.

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